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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is your widget free? There's no such thing as a free lunch

Our mission is to make the Internet accessible for everyone. Put it on your website, satisfy yourself that it doesn't interfere with anything, and it does what it says on the tin. Then you can explore all the other facilities that we have to offer, or simply keep the free widget

Ok, I am sold on it. How do I install this widget?

It is very easy to install. One line of code, and you're done. Full instructions are provided, or we will do it for you in a jiffy. We obviously need temporary access to your site if we are to do it.

If you don't find a benefit for any reason, we will help you to uninstall it.

What website platforms does the A.I. work on?

The widget can be integrated into any CMS and website building platform. such as WordPress, Joomla, Squarespace Shopify, WiX, BigCommerce, Volusion, Magento, Weebly, etc.

Do you cover all web accessibility requirements according to ADA and the Equality Act 2010?

The free widget covers 20% of the requirements. The paid version covers the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) version 2.1 at the AA level success criteria, and in certain areas even level AAA. This is beyond what legislation requires.

Does this comply with accessibility legislation?

The basic widget. turns inaccessible websites into basic WCAG and ADA compliant websites. Not only that, the paid service provides you with a Litigation Support Package in case you need to prove your ADA website compliance, and guides you through the process.

Is it really a legal requirement to have accessibnility on my site?

Yes. Compare it to a shop or restaurant for example. They have to have accessibility everywhere - ramps, loos, wide passageways etc. The same accessibility is now required online, with regard to being able to read things online, order goods, etc. If you are caught or sued for not having anything in place, it can cost you thousands. So the smart move would be to get the free widget on your site, surely...

Is your widget CCPA & GDPR compliant?

Of course. We comply with the data protection regulations. Moreover, the widget does not collect any personal or identifiable data - only structure, and behavior.

What if I need to change/add pages to my site once this thing is installed?

That's the great thing about it. Once the code is installed, it checks your website for any changes or updates every time you go onto your website. That's rather clever, don't you think?

Can I customize the design?

The widget is fully customizable under the paid plan, and can easily match your website's design. You can choose yourown color scheme, positions, icons, sizing, and even the placement of the accessibility button. If you need help we can do that for you, no problems. Jump on board and we will look after you.

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