The #1 Web Accessibility Solution  for ADA & WCAG Compliance

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  • Compliant Mitigate legal risk

The Bad News 

  • Could I, as a registered blind person, navigate your site, know what the images are, and buy any of your products or services? No

  • Could I, as an epileptic, safely trawl through your site without coming across moving/flashing images? No

  • Could I, as a person with ADHD manage to navigate your site easily? No

  • Could I, with Parkinson’s manage to use your site without a mouse? No

  • Could I, as a frustrated disabled person sue you for thousands, knowing that you haven’t got a leg to stand on? Yes...

  • Could I, as an ‘ambulance chasing’ lawyer send demands for you to pay up on behalf of my clients as others have done? YES

  • Could I, as a governing body, fine you for many tens of thousands of pounds/dollars for not being ADA compliant? Yes

In summary, your website is nowhere near being legally compliant, thus depriving the 20% of the population who are disabled from using it.

As such, you are leaving yourself wide open to lawsuits, fines, stress and aggravation.

Now for The Good News 

  • Can I become legally (and morally) compliant without spending months of manpower and money, in the blink of an eye using AI? Yes

  • Can I protect myself from all litigation, no matter who from, in less than 48 hours? Yes 

  • Can I obtain your widget to try, totally FREE (no credit card required)? Yes 

  • Can I simply install one line of code, and make your whole website accessible to the disabled community? Yes 

  • Could it be automatically updated no matter what changes I make to anything (products/services/pages)? Yes 

  • Could I protect myself from any and all future litigation, and have litigation support should the need arise? Yes 

  • Could this increase my business by giving access to 20% more of the population? Yes 

MySightYourSite is proud to be UK agents for USERWAY, a caring, dedicated company that looks after more than a million sites worldwide. Our mission is to help them make the Internet accessible for everyone

Is your website accessible to disabled people?

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